Joas Schilling

Nextcloud Software Engineer

Public key: 31B0 B117 C3A8 2811 6B83 345C 7076 EA97 51AA CDDA

Latest blog posts

Save LibreOffice documents directly to Nextcloud
November 22, 2018

Configure your LibreOffice to be able to load and save documents directly from and to your Nextcloud by configuring it as a remote server.

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Nextcloud 2018
January 10, 2018

Inspired by Christoph Wurst’s Nextcloud 2018 blog post, I decided to write one myself: My personal goals for Nextcloud in 2018.

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Migrations for Nextcloud apps
September 8, 2017

In Nextcloud 13 we added migrations for database changes, allowing apps a more granular updating mechanism.

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Better scheduling of activity emails
May 9, 2017

With a new console command in the upcoming Nextcloud 12 it is possible to send out the activity emails more regularly than before.

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Restore a single calendar from a Nextcloud backup
March 29, 2017

I expirienced an issue with one of my CalDAV clients, which deleted some events from my calendar. So I restored the data of that one calendar from the latest backup before the malicious client got connected.

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Howto get notifications for system updates
March 17, 2017

Keep your server up to date and receive a notification in your Nextcloud when php, apache, etc. need an update with this little script.

Update 21/Apr/17: Also works on Raspbian and others now.

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